Center for Pharmacogenomics – Mission and Objectives

Mission Statement:

To improve patient outcomes by maximizing efficacy and minimizing toxicity of drug therapy through research, teaching and service focused on genetically-guided drug therapy decision-making, drug discovery and drug development.

Research Objectives:

Enhance the quality of pharmacogenomic research at the University of Florida by bringing together faculty working in this field, and increasing multidisciplinary collaboration among these faculties. Specific areas of pharmacogenomics research conducted by Center faculty may include:

  • The genetic basis of variability in drug efficacy and toxicity, including study of genetic polymorphisms in drug targets, drug transporters and drug metabolizing enzymes. These investigations will include study of the genetic influences on drug pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics and will range from polymorphism discovery to in vitro or transgenic functional analysis of polymorphisms to small studies in humans of the functional effects of polymorphisms to large pharmacogenomic clinical trials.

  • Investigation of disease-gene associations, especially those that may have relevance to pharmacogenomics. Use of human genetic information in drug discovery and development.

Education Objectives:

  • Train clinical and basic scientists in pharmacogenomics.

  • Educate the University of Florida Health Science community on pharmacogenomics, including research findings, potential implications for medicine, and ethical and legal ramifications, through various educational initiatives such as seminar series and symposia.