Postdocs, Residents & Grad Students


Name Title
Tina M Merriman Tina M Merriman POSTDOC ASO
Madison Poteet Madison Poteet PGY2 Ambulatory Care Resident, UF College Of Pharmacy
Lauren Lemke Lauren Lemke PGY2 Clinical Pharmacogenomics Resident
Hana Al Alshaykh Hana Al Alshaykh POSTDOC ASO
Rafael Sanchez Rafael Sanchez PGY-2 Ambulatory Care Resident, UF College Of Pharmacy
Brandon Thompson Brandon Thompson POSTDOC ASO
Nicole Warda Nicole Warda POSTDOC ASO
Samantha L Winters Samantha L Winters POSTDOC ASO
Katherine Zheveleva Katherine Zheveleva POSTDOC ASO

Postdoctoral Associates

Name Title
Dahao Ling Biological Scientist II
Marwa Tantawy POSTDOC ASO
Joseph M Collins Postdoctoral Associate
Rachel Dalton Postdoctoral Associate
Vivek M Shastri POSTDOC ASO
Christie Monahan Pharmacy Fellow

Graduate Students