In addition to the Center of Pharmacogenomics, the Department of Pharmacotherapy and Translational Research has a variety of ongoing research projects.

Areas of specializationCollaborators
Drug response, drug-drug interactions, drug transporters and drug metabolism enzymesDr. Julio DuarteDr. Reginald Frye, and Dr. John Markowitz
Oncology – Leukemia and solid tumorsDr. Jatinder Lamba
Oncology/HematologyDr. David DeRemer
Cardiovascular Disease, hypertension, metabolic syndrome and diabetesDr. Larisa Cavallari, Dr. Rhonda Cooper-Dehoff, Dr. Yan Gong, Dr. Julie A. Johnson, Dr. Taimour Langaee, Dr. Caitrin McDonough and Dr. Steven Smith
Genetic biomarkers for personalized drug therapyDr. Danxin Wang
Infectious disease, therapeutic drug monitoring and clinical trials for patients with advanced mycobacterial diseasesDr. Charles Peloquin

Bacterial ‘superbugs’ which are resistant to most or all antibiotics present one of the three most serious threats to human health in the US and worldwide. To combat this substantial global health crisis, the dynamic antimicrobial research team at Lake Nona is developing innovative antibiotic combination therapies which can successfully treat infections by these ‘superbugs.’ This team is headed by Dr. Jürgen Bulitta, an internationally recognized expert in antimicrobial pharmacology, latest in vitro infection models, and translational mechanistic modeling.